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Ambulance Trip

After two weeks of no seizures, and no ambulance trips since July, my seizure free luck ran out yesterday. Having had a fantastic day at college, I collapsed outside my house after my legs went into a bad spasm. I feel sorry for my poor friend who took me home that day as it was not a nice experience for her.

I gave my body a good whack on the ground when I collapsed, triggering my seizures. Normally with my Non Epileptic Seizures I come round, even if it is just for a second, between them. However yesterday this did not happen, I remained unconscious in between. Luckily my younger brother and one of younger sisters were at home, so they were able to bring pillows, blankets etc out  to keep me warm whilst my friend kept me safe.

An ambulance had to be called, thankfully I always tell everyone that I have a letter from my neurologist in my handbag instructing paramedics and doctors on what to do. This letter meant that the paramedics quickly administered diazepam to me. As I was remaining unconscious and had been unconscious for so long I was given oxygen and taken to the resus unit at the hospital, where I was monitored for several hours.


I feel sorry for the first doctor in charge of me as he was very unsure of my condition and therefore seemed to feel frustrated as he was unable to help me. My body being its usual unhelpful self did its typical vein disappearing act. It took the poor man seven attempts to get a line in me and bloods out of me.

Despite this incident ruining my good streak, I am still viewing it as progress! Hopefully these blues and twos trips to hospital will continue to be less and less, until they fizzle out completely all together. It may take time, but it will one day happen. I am so thankful for my letter from my neurologist, I am sure with it out I would not have received diazepam so quickly, and that was much-needed to help bring me round.

I am now home and shall be spending the next couple of days recuperating from yesterdays events.

Comments on: "Ambulance Trip" (5)

  1. sandy evason said:

    Becky, such a shame but maybe, as you say, the attacks will become further and further apart. That is the way a virus behaves so maybe you are on the right track with Lymes. Good to see you are remaining positive. Sending love, hugs and healing thoughts your way as ever. xx

  2. thinking of you huni! hope you feel better soon and make a speedy recovery lots of love x x

  3. Thinking of you and praying for your recovery so you can get busy back at school. You are so brave and amazing.

  4. kerry (maybe its in the name, mellor) said:

    so sorry for what you going through nobody deserves this, what your going through is like ive wrote my symptoms down, I have severe eye dystonia and they can shut completely, so functionally blind. I get dystonia else where but only get treatment of botox for the eyes, all my doctors apart from my eye doctor (referred via optician) and he can only help reduce symptoms, all neurologist have ignored these symptoms saying its a trapped nerve and and one doctor said all my symptoms from being over weight( im only over weight from medications, I stopped one and lost over 8 stone in 14 weeks!!!!!) I also have the seizures which are being treated as psychological, everything started from a fall 5 years ago other than that everything was going good, now due to this ive lost my business and having problems get help financially because of the problems from my doctors, I applied for disability and my doctor put on my form I have arithritus?????? nothing about the dystonia or the seizures and as disability and benefits want everyone off these im stuck between a rock and a hard place,
    this is what I have found, on high dose of steroids help with all (I have a high inflammation markers) also with the dystonia I have spent a fortune on a heated supportive water bed, this reduced my night time seizure and some of how often the dystonia is at its worse, well worth the investment, I also bought a vibrosaun that helps with the dystonia but its catching it before im in a position when I cant get in it, I try to do 8 to 10 mins daily . i had a seizure etc and caused problems with my ribs/ maybe spasms there, intense pain felt like I had dislocated my ribs. I couldn’t eat for months just drank orange smoothy and bottled water, that period I felt better? could be my medication but they wasn’t as good before etc I also did not feel as tired? I would like advice where to go via doctors, but I hope what ive tried and learned my help others

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