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Brief Update

I’ve been appalling at keeping up to date with my blog recently, a big apology to you all, posts will be back to normal soon. The last month or so has been crazy busy between flare ups, coursework and the launch of my debut novel. I feel like I haven’t stopped but I am enjoying the whirlwind.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital rather a lot over recent weeks to another bout of Optic Neuritis. As I have mentioned previously my local hospital is not ideal when it comes to dealing with complications. They have somehow managed to lose all my test results from last year, both paper and electronic copies, so I am waiting for my neuro to take over management of my investigations to see if anyone can shed some light on why I keep having repeated Optic Neuritis.

Coming up to 5 weeks ago now after watching a documentary called What The Health, my partner and I made the decision to switch to a vegan lifestyle. I was skeptial at first but am thrilled to find I am benefiting from it. I have more energy in the day, am taking almost half the amount of pain killers and overall feel more positive in my mental health. It’s been an amazing change and one we have decided to stick. I would love to hear from anyone else who has gone Vegan to improve their health!

Finally a huge thank you to all of you who emailed/commented/texted querying when my novel would be available to purchase, it meant a lot. Currently it is available through Amazon, Waterstones, Browns Books For Students, Foyles, and  Barnes & Noble. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I will be going back to blogging once a week so please keep your eyes peeled.


Comments on: "Brief Update" (2)

  1. leejcaroll said:

    Thats awful about the records. Hope you are doing much much better. congrats that the diet is working and esp congratulations on the book!!

  2. Hi
    I have a vegan experience to share. Long before I was diagnosed with narcolepsy /cataplexy/fibromyalgia/generalized dystonia I went vegan for a couple years. I moved back home for awhile, my mom made spaghetti and meatballs and that was the end of my healthiest and most fulfilling days ever experienced on this earth. After reading only briefly about your vegan experience I will no longer talk of the best 2 years of my life as vegan I will go back to a vegan lifestyle as I am hopeful things will start looking up if I do.
    I thank you for sharing and I am now a follower of your blog and will Certainly be looking into this book you have mentioned. Love, Dani

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