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Non Epileptic Seizures

As many of you will know from reading my blogs, I also suffer from Non Epileptic Seizures. Below I shall briefly outline what these are, and for those of you who would like to know more, please click on the links.

Around 2 or 3 people in every 10,000 people have Non Epileptic Seizures, many people who have epilepsy will also have Non Epileptic Seizures. Non Epileptic Seizures are similar to Epileptic Seizure in some ways, such as they can cause  unconsciousness, collapsing, injuries and loss of bladder control. However these attacks are not considered to be ‘Medically harmful’ (though you can still physically harm yourself) as you do not stop breathing in a Non Epileptic Attack. There are several types of Non Epileptic Seizures however the most common type does look like an epileptic convulsion

For more information on Non Epileptic Seizures please click on the link listed below.

Comments on: "Non Epileptic Seizures" (4)

  1. jean turnbull said:

    hello im jean from England i suffer from blepharospasm’s i can not go out without someone with me i get so scared of walking into things and falling over if im on my own. i get injections into my eyelids but they dont seem to be working. is there anything else that can be done.

  2. Tim Williston said:

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia 11 years ago. I’ve had Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in 2006 to treat this terrible disorder that we all suffer from. ( Botox did not work for me). About 6 months ago, I started “spacing out” for 20-30 seconds. Went to the Dr and was diagnosed as having Epilepsy. I am now on Lamotrigine for the Epilepsy as well as Diazepam for my CD. Lately my Dystonia has been acting up after years, as the DBS was successful in controlling the spasms.
    Anybody else out there who is suffering from a similar problem? If so, what have you done to solve your issue with both of these disorders. Tks for listening and your assistance.

  3. Liz Owen said:

    Hi there. My Facebook friend Alieshia told me about your website. I have EDS 3, pots and many other things but I’ve just been diagnosed today with dystonia. It was a total shock but explains strange symptoms that for years had been put down to pots. I get ticks like twitches of outbursts from my body, like I’ll suddenly leap in my seat. My arm might fly up, or my leg. Plus I noticed the other day my legs looked deformed the way I was sitting but it was comfy and my neuro Dr Ingle at Nhnn immediately said it was dystonia. For years I’ve also had non epileptic seizure which we’ve been calling pots attacks, but everything makes sense now but I’m daunted and wondering if we could email each other as I need advice. Many thanks.

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