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Rare Disease Day 2020

When I met my partner Damon back in 2016 I was upfront about the fact that I had a whole host of chronic conditions some of which would deteriorate as I aged. It was a subject that I broached on our first date, romantic I know, but it was important to me that he knew life with me would not be an easy one; our first date lasted five hours. What was meant to be coffee, turned into a museum trip, and hours spent talking on a bench overlooking the River Cherwell. At the time my Dystonia was my most limiting condition. The EDS was annoying and had its fair share of debilitating moments but in comparison was easy enough to deal with.

However over the years with a good combination of medication and very regular Botox injections my Dystonia is often far more controlled, yet my EDS has spiralled dramatically so. My jaw which takes the brunt of both conditions is in need of replacement yet both conditions make replacement not necessarily the easiest call for my surgical team; it’s an ongoing argument. My knees are in a similar state. They too need replaced. They currently sublex at 0 and 30 degrees constantly yet bracing doesn’t seem to work due to the change in position with each time the knees come out of place. I frequently joke that I’m falling apart and honestly it feels that way.

The latest part of me to be affected is my hearing. My hearing tests have showed that im hearing impaired and im awaiting further appointments on the next steps to see what aids will help me. Whilst my hearing being affected isn’t overly surprising, it wasn’t something at 27 I expected to be told. However after almost a year of struggling I knew it was time to give in and get some help.

If you look at me you could be forgiven for not realising anything was wrong. Which is one of the reasons Rare Disease Day is so important. Disabilities come in all variations and I for one never look the same one day to the next.

I always say no hospital untill I’m unconcious.

Who is in control?

One normally feels in control of their body, if they want to pick up a pencil or smile they can do see without a second thought. So who is in control of mine?

In July I lost control of my mouth, then in august I lost control of my eyes, and now in September I have lost control of  the majority of my face, my right arm and hand. So who is in control?

Dystonia is a neurological condition so therefore it is the basal ganglia that is in control of me, or at least that is what the medical profession say. Personally I have an image of a tiny little alien bouncing around inside my brain with a wicked grin on its face, cackling away to itself whilst deciding what part of my body is going to do what today.

So little alien if you can hear me, as much as I can understand that what you are doing in there must be a hell of a lot of fun, could you give me an hours break? Just so my muscles can relax.


The ignorance of the medical society

When you visit your GP or go to the hospital to see a doctor or consultant you expect the doctor to say this is what we think is wrong with you, this is the test or tests we shall do to confirm and this is how we will treat it. Nobody expects a doctor to ask the patient what is wrong with them, or ask them how its been treated before and what do they want done.

In my opinion if a doctor does not understand a condition then it is part of their job to go away and look up the condition or go and find a doctor who does, never is it okay to ask the patient what they want done, the patient is no doctor so should not be making a doctors decision!

Whilst I understand that Dystonia is not a common condition and for that reason alone many doctors will never have had any experience in diagnosing or treating a patient with Dystonia, it is thought to be the third biggest neurological condition, so you would hope they would have had some inkling as to what it is.. The ignorance and the behaviour of the medical society is just  unacceptable.

If you go on the NHS site and search Dystonia and scroll down to treatment, the first line of treatment is botulinum toxin injections (botoux), this stops the neurotransmitters from reaching the muscles that are affected. Why a consultant felt it necessary to wire my jaw shut (especially as with some of my other medical condition it caused complications), and then try to manual manipulate it, is completely beyond me. It suggests complete incompetence with treating Dystonia. This again is ridiculous, if you are not competent in treating a condition, the don’t do it! Go away and research treatment or speak to someone who does know and can inform you of the treatment line needed!

On yet another trip to the hospital last night I was disgusted with the knowledge that doctors seem to have! This particular doctor had obviously heard of Dystonia but knew hardly anything. Telling me I would be fixed eventually. That particular choice of words annoyed me greatly! You cannot ‘fix’ a Dystonia, there is no cure. Yes there is treatment that can be effective and yes some people are lucky enough that their Dystonia does not come back (small minority). This is the second time I have had Dystonia and this time it has progressed significantly  consequently I know that I cannot be ‘fixed’. Secondly when someone is in agony and crying, telling them to stop crying and think positively  is ridiculous. Yes positivity is needed but I was not crying because I was being pessimistic I was crying because of the agony I was in. Overall her lack of knowledge to the condition was appalling but I am beginning to realise that this is what i should expect from the majority of the medical society.

I cannot understand the ignorance of the medical society and I do not think that Dystonia being a rare condition is a good enough excuse for their lack of knowledge and behaviour. We go to doctors for a diagnoses, information, tests and treatment. We do not attend a doctors clinic to tell them what to do, nor should we have to, yet I have, several times, been put in the position where I have had to do just that.

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