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I have a treatment date :-)

After the disappointment of having my last treatment date cancelled, I have finally been given a new date…For tomorrow!! I am extremely happy and excited. Though I am trying to contain the excitement a little bit as my face has developed a new spasm since my lovely surgeon last saw me.

The surgery will consist of my jaw joint being washed out, the jaw wiring being removed and botoux injections being administered to both sides of the jaw. All of this will hopefully mean that I will finally be able to open my mouth, chew, talk properly and no longer have the horrid jaw jaw wiring slicing my cheek open every  few minutes. 

I am a very happy girl.


Another fierce battle for control

Today i decided to attempt the dangerous  task of straightening my hair. A task that to most is rather simple and requires very little brain power. For me it involved a fierce battle between myself and the alien, both of us fighting for control of my face, right arm and hand.

Have you ever tried straightening your hair, whilst your arm and the hand that you would normally use is stuck in a painful spasm behind your head? For those of you who are fortunate enough not to have experienced this, i can assure you it is not an easy task. After a long twenty minutes I gave in to the little alien, feeling rather proud of myself. My hair was not great but I had made a darn good attempt. A small win over the alien.

So far the alien is winning the majority of our frequent battle, but I am slowly catching up. 


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